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October 2013, VICTO Records
1. Kebyar Blues (Ziporyn) (9'34")
2. Pygmyesque (Bittová, Riley, Ziporyn) (7'02")
3. Short Walk (Ziporyn) (2'38")
4. Melismantra (Riley) (7'22")
5. Paper Cone (music Bittová, Riley, Ziporyn, Vaclavek; lyrics Ken Hunt) (5'13")
6. Sombra (Riley) (4'04")
7. Sun Shower (Ziporyn) (6'37")
8. Farewell (music Bittová, lyrics Chris Cutler) (10'47")
9. Odd Meeting (Ziporyn) (5'29")
In My Mind and In My Car

In My Mind and In My Car
October 2013, Airplane Ears Music
1. Wargasari (Evan Ziporyn)
2. Mugangara Base (Evan Ziporyn)
3. Malumé Remix (Evan Ziporyn)
4. Mugasha Loop (Evan Ziporyn)
5. Bowl Drones (Evan Ziporyn)
6. In My Mind and In My Car (Christine Southworth)
7. Monks, Not Thelonious (Christine Southworth)
8. Blow / In The Storm (Christine Southworth)
9. Underwater (Christine Southworth)

Big Grenadilla / Mumbai
April 2012, Cantaloupe Records
Big Grenadilla (Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet)
Mumbai (Sandeep Das, tabla)
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor

Typical Music
November 2005, New Albion Records
Pondok (Sarah Cahill, piano)
Typical Music (Arden Trio)
Ngaben (Gamelan Galak Tika w/ New England Conservatory Philharmonia Dante Anzolini, director)

Frog's Eye
October 2006, Cantaloupe Records
Performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
Frog's Eye, The Ornate Zither and the Nomad Flute (Anne Harley, soprano), War Chant , Drill

June 2003, Cantaloupe Records
Bang on a Can All-Stars with Wayan Wija, dalang

This is Not a Clarinet
July 2001, Cantaloupe Records
Partial Truths
Four Impersonations: Honshirabe, Pengrangrang Gede, Thum Nyatiti, Bindu Semara
Three Island Duos
by Michael Tenzer
Press Release by David Lang

Evan Ziporyn: Gamelan Galak Tika
May 2000, New World Records
Tire Fire

Animal Act
New World Records
What She Saw There
Tree Frog
Waiting by the Phone
Walk the Dog

American Works for Balinese Gamelan
New World Records
Banyuari by Michael Tenzer, Situ Banda by Michael Tenzer, Khayalan Tiga by Wayne Vitale, Aneh Tapi Nyata by Evan Ziporyn, Kekembangan by Nyoman Windha & Evan Ziporyn
Performed by Gamelan Sekar Jaya